2019 Charge Conferences


Click here for a downloadable PDF of these instructions.


The business of charge conferences this fall will again be held in each local church/charge


  • You Helped to Lead the Way! – Last year, the Northern Piedmont District was one of two districts participating in a pilot program for our conference to move toward fully online submission of charge conference forms & reports. It went very well…and this year, the entire conference will take the NEXT STEP! This fall, ALL required charge conference reports will be done using online forms! No more fillable PDFs!
  • Your CHURCH DASHBOARD is the place to be! – A link for 2019 Charge Conference Reports, unique to your local church, will appear in the “Submittable Forms (Charge Conference, Profiles, etc)” area of your Church Dashboard.
  • You will still separately complete the online forms for clergy compensation and Church Leaders.

Charge Conference dates have been scheduled, and authorization letters are being sent to clergy. You will complete the business items of Charge Conference in this manner:

  • DEADLINEAll local Charge Conferences must be held by Tuesday, November 19, 2019.  All required Charge Conference reports, forms, and required minutes must be completed online, and submitted, BY THE EARLIER OF:  (1) two weeks after the date of your charge conference, or (2) Wednesday, November 20, 2019. All charge conference forms & reports must be completed online, per the online instructions, by November 20, 2019.
  • REPORTS REQUIRED TEN (10) DAYS IN ADVANCE:  For this year, only the following reports will be required to be submitted ten (10) days in advance of the local church charge conference date. The ten (10) days in advance submission will also be done online as indicated above.
    • Clergy Compensation Report for 2019 (draft that will be proposed to the charge conference).
  • REPORTS REQUIRED FIVE (5) DAYS IN ADVANCE:  All other online charge conference reports will be required to be significantly complete by five (5) days in advance of the local church charge conference date. The five (5) days in advance submission will also be done online as indicated above.
  • Important Notes about Charge Conference Forms & Reports:
    1. The online reports have a “signature” feature for all required signatures for each report. Checking the checkbox and entering a pastor or church leader name will be affirming that the pastor or leader has reviewed the completed online form (or a printout of it) and believes it to be correct and accurate.
    2. As you work on online Church Leader information, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide accurate & complete contact information AND dates of service.
    3. We especially need email addresses for all of your church leaders who have email. Information is shared by email at various times with different groups of leaders. We especially need email addresses for the following offices:  Lay Leader, Pastor Parish Relations Chairperson (or a PPRC contact person if on a multi-point charge), Finance Chairperson, Treasurer.  For those four offices, if the actual leader does not have an email, it would be helpful if they could have another person with email to agree to receive email on their behalf. It could be another committee member, or church council member, etc. 
    4. Start and End DatesThe system is very date sensitive. Here is how to handle dates of service:
      • Start Date – Use the date that a leader actually began the position, and don’t change it from year to year. For example, if a leader continues from 2019 into 2020, leave the start date as 1/1/2019. If a new leader is beginning in 2020, use a start date of 1/1/2020.
      • End Date – If someone is serving a specific term, like a three year term, and you know the end date, put that it in. For example, a three year term beginning 1/1/2020 would get an end date of 12/31/2022. If someone is serving an indefinite term, you can actually just leave the end date blank. This is the suggested method for indefinite terms…then you would not have to update “end dates” every year. Only put a 12/31/2020 end date if you know that is going to be the case.
    5. Be sure to TOTALLY review all of the church leader information on your church dashboard.


  • 2019 Charge Conferences
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